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Fourteenth Colony Buyers Guide

There’s lighting, and then there’s truly extraordinary lighting. While you may not be able to immediately put into words what differentiates ordinary lighting from truly extraordinary lighting, you know it when you see (and feel!) it. It's the feeling you get when you walk into a room and immediately feel warmer and more welcome. Well-lit homes have their own kind of glow. That's what we're dedicated to helping our customers achieve in their own homes at Fashion Light Center, and it's also why we’re committed to carrying only the most extraordinary lighting from the finest lighting brands. Enter Fourteenth Colony.

Offering a consummate combination of traditional craftsmanship and design innovation, Fourteenth Colony Lighting has been brightening and bettering people’s lives for 65 years. Here’s a closer look at Fourteenth Colony and its high-quality interior and exterior lighting for contemporary homes.

About Fourteenth Colony Lighting

The embodiment of the “mom and pop” shops that make up the fabric of American society, Fourteenth Colony Lighting’s origins date back to 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee. What started in the small home of husband-and-wife team James and Dottie Graham has since grown into a national company with products gracing everywhere from the United States Capitol building to celebrity homes.

Despite its remarkable growth, Fourteenth Colony Lighting has remained true to its rich roots. For starters, the company still calls Tennessee home. In addition to its two retail showrooms in its home state, it also lays claim to a distinguished international presence.

Furthermore, Fourteenth Colony has also maintained its commitment to the traditional techniques upon which its success rests. These techniques have been lovingly passed down from generation to generation and are present in every Fourteenth Colony handcrafted lantern and other light fixtures.

Fourteen Colony Lighting Styles

Fourteenth Colony Lighting offers a beautiful selection of interior brass and copper lighting, exterior brass and copper lighting, gas lighting, and steel lighting in styles ranging from classic to cutting edge.

Fourteenth Colony light fixtures are available in many shapes and sizes, from hanging outdoor lanterns to outdoor wall lanterns and outdoor post and pier lanterns. They can also be customized to your personal style and preferences. In addition to selecting your preferred glass type for your Fourteenth Colony lighting, you also have your choice of many meticulously applied finishes, including raw brass, antique brass, blackened brass, oil rubbed brass, raw copper, antique copper, blackened copper, antique copper verde, copper verde, and rust.

When it comes to selecting lighting that will seamlessly integrate with its surroundings while simultaneously elevating them, Fashion Light Center can help with our extensive collection of Fourteenth Colony Lighting.

The Fourteenth Colony Lighting Difference

One of Fourteenth Colony Lighting’s differentiating factors is its passion for artisanry that endures.

Ginger Graham Smith told The Grove, “Our light fixtures are entirely hand-made by the tinsmiths and blacksmiths who train and work in our shop. No structural component in or on any of our lights is imported. We are one of the last lighting manufacturers to actually employ traditional metalsmithing techniques in our fabrication process from start to finish.”

The takeaway? If you’re looking for the level of craftsmanship that is woefully hard to find in modern times, you’ll find it at Fourteenth Colony.

How To Find and Choose The Best Fourteenth Colony Lighting

Fine lighting has the potential to improve the look of your home — as well as how you feel in it. But choosing the right lighting is an essential part of the equation. How do you know which Fourteenth Colony light fixture is best for your goals and unique style sensibility? There are several considerations —starting with your lighting needs.

Lighting is inherently functional. Its primary purpose is to provide light to see, live, eat, play, gather, read, work, and relax by. If your lighting doesn’t improve your ability to do these things, it's falling short of its purpose. Designing a successful lighting plan hinges on knowing your lighting needs so you can fulfill them. Whether your goal is to illuminate your outdoor entertaining area or to brighten your kitchen for a more comfortable and convenient space for cooking and eating, the lighting you need is directly informed by your functional goals.

However, high-quality lighting is much more than functional. It’s also an element of beauty in and of itself. There’s no better example of this than Fourteenth Colony Lighting. Every light fixture produced by Fourteenth Colony is a testament to tradition, artisanry, and craftsmanship that you simply will not find elsewhere.

Enhance Your Home with Fourteenth Colony Lighting

Whether you’re just at the beginning of your journey to creating a comprehensive lighting plan for your home or you know exactly what you need, Fashion Light Center is ready to help. Our design team is available to help guide you to the perfect Fourteenth Colony outdoor lantern, Fourteenth Colony wall lantern, chandelier, hanging outdoor lantern, hanging pendant light, chandelier, wall sconce, or other light fixture. We’re also ready to answer your questions — regardless of where you are on your journey. Our goal is not to sell you a piece of lighting; it’s to help you make informed decisions that will have a lasting impact on your quality of life in your home.

In addition to carrying the finest Fourteenth Colony chandeliers and other Fourteenth Colony Lighting fixtures for indoors and exteriors, we also have other leading brands like Robert Abbey, Hudson Valley, Mitzi, Hinkley, Genie House, Hubbardton Forge, Minka Aire, Arnsberg, Regina Andrew Design, Alora Lighting, Northeast Lantern, Koncept, Hunter Innovations, and Brass Traditions.

To start improving your home (and your life in your home) through extraordinary lighting, contact Fashion Light Center today.

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