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Genie House Lighting Buyers Guide

When was the last time you stopped to consider your home’s lighting plan? For many homeowners, lighting is an afterthought behind tasks like choosing color schemes and shopping for furniture. While other design elements may seem more pressing, the truth is that nothing makes or breaks the look and feel of a home like beautiful light fixtures.

At Fashion Light Center, we’re dedicated to helping homeowners live better with extraordinary lighting. One of the ways we accomplish this? By partnering with many of the industry’s best and most innovative lighting manufacturers. In our “Buyers Guide” blog series, we spotlight these partners, their products, and what makes them special. Today, we’re delighted to feature a longtime lighting industry leader: family-owned Genie House lighting.

About Genie House

Genie House’s rich history dates back to 1967 when founder Lloyd Williams Sr. started the company with entrepreneurial zeal and the vision of providing exceptional handcrafted lighting. In the company’s earliest days, Williams Sr. made each copper lantern in his garage. While Genie House fine lighting has grown and evolved in the almost 55 years since, its mission has remained the same.

Today, Williams Sr.’s son, Lloyd Williams Jr., is continuing and building on the Genie House outdoor lighting legacy with the same attention to detail and commitment to customer service exemplified by his father. Said the late Williams Sr.’s wife, Sylvia, of the company’s tradition, “It’s alive and well and [Williams Sr.'s] vision and legacy remains in his line of fixtures. All of the children and grandchildren all worked in it, and now our grandchildren are all having great grandchildren, and I’m hoping that this family business will be passed along to yet another generation.”

Genie House’s light fixtures are made in the USA at workshops in New Jersey and Arizona. Every piece is designed and brought to life by the imaginative minds and skilled hands of talented artisans who share the Williams family's pride in their products. Thanks to a massive network of distributors, Genie House lighting gracefully illuminates private homes and public spaces throughout the US and Canada. The brand’s fixtures can even be found at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park and the White House!

Genie House Lighting Styles

Genie House may be best known for its iconic outdoor solid brass and copper lanterns, but the company also produces interior and exterior light fixtures in various styles, materials, and finishes. Whether you’re shopping for outdoor post lanterns or indoor flush mounts, you’ll find them in Fashion Light Center’s inventory of timeless Genie House lighting.

All Genie House outdoor wall lanterns and hanging lanterns, landscape lighting, and other fixtures undergo the perfect final touch: the application of a hand-rubbed chemical finish which antiques beautifully over the years. We call this beautiful aging process a “living finish,” which is a unique attribute of genuine Genie House lighting.

The Genie House Lighting Difference

An especially noteworthy attribute of Genie House? The degree to which its lighting is customizable. All Genie House sconces, Genie House lamps, Genie House floor lamps, and more are available in many finishes – including antique brass, antique copper, dark brass, dark copper, raw brass, raw copper, and verdigris – and in your choice of glass type.

Can’t find the perfect Genie House outdoor hanging lantern or Genie House indoor hanging lantern, or have something specific in mind? Genie House will work with you to design and customize the exact light fixture you’re looking for. From mixing and matching existing lantern designs to building one from scratch, you have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your light fixture will not only meet your expectations but exceed them in every way.

How to Find and Choose the Best Genie House Light Fixtures

The best lighting plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. Rather, they depend on your space, as well as your unique wants, needs, and goals as a homeowner. The first step in assembling a comprehensive lighting plan involves honing in on these factors. Are you looking to create a complete lighting design scheme for a new building project or just to introduce a few new pieces to illuminate a dark area? The more you understand your goals in advance, the better positioned you’ll be to reach them.

This also means knowing what you’re looking for in terms of style, materials, and finishes. Lighting doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy with the rest of your home. However, it should complement your style and design aesthetic. Staying within a particular color palette or embracing a common finish across all of your lighting fixtures can help create a feeling of cohesion and harmony.

Don’t forget to consider your exterior lighting needs in addition to interior lighting. While some homeowners tend to overlook and undervalue outdoor lighting, it has many benefits – including everything from boosting curb appeal to improving safety and security.

Looking for fast lighting solutions? Genie House is also a smart choice because it offers a large selection of quick-ship outdoor lighting products.

Illuminate Your Home with Genie House Lighting

If you’re upgrading or enhancing your home with new indoor or exterior lighting, Genie House is a distinctive choice. Whether you have an exact fixture in mind or you’re just starting to think about the process, Fashion Light Center can connect you with an extensive offering of lighting from Genie House and other leading lighting companies.

As one of the preeminent light stores in CT, Fashion Light Center is known for offering high-quality chandeliers, outdoor ceiling lights, sconces, flush mounts, floor lamps, interior and exterior fans, and much more. In addition to providing premier products, we’re also committed to offering customer service that goes above and beyond. Our friendly and experienced team is available to help you – whether you’re at the very beginning of your shopping journey, are ready to make a purchase, or merely have a question or concern.

To start living better through more beautiful lighting, contact Fashion Light Center today.

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