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How to Improve Your Interior Lighting

The right lighting can make or break the look and feel of a room. If the ambiance of your home isn’t where you want it to be, changing up the lighting can improve both functionality and feeling.

Below, we’re discussing six useful tips to take your interior lighting to the next level.

1. Use A Layered Approach

The most effective interior lighting plans incorporate three types of lighting: ambient (or general) lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Making sure you include all three of these types not only optimizes illumination but also creates a synergistic effect.

According to interior designer Alden Miller, “Layered lighting is achieved when the entirety of the room has an overall glow without daunting shadows, and there are pops of interest from beautiful fixtures or the brightness and shape of the glow.”

2. Rethink Scale

Scale, light, and proportion are all principles of interior design. If your room feels lackluster, an adjustment across one or all of these elements can give it a beautiful boost. For example, if you are using several table lamps to light the space, consider incorporating an oversized pendant or a few decorative floor lamps instead. Not only does this change the level of illumination, but it also brings a new focal point to the space.

3. Consider the Corners

Corners and other areas of the home, like cupboards, closets, and counters, are often overlooked when it comes to lighting. Adding an illumination source to these neglected spaces improves both functionality and visual appeal.

However, this doesn’t mean that an entire room must be flooded with light. Many designers, such as Nathan Orsman, insist that “Without the darker, quieter moments, everything is flat and boring. It’s the subtle interplay between light and dark that creates appeal.”

4. Swap out Your Shades

Not all lampshades are created equal. While white shades allow more light in, they can also give off a cold feeling. You can make a room appear warm and welcoming simply by switching out white shades with frosted or colored options.

Speaking of shades, even seemingly small details – like visible seams – can make a difference. If you notice any in your room, rotate them to ensure they are out of sight.

5. Make the Most of Natural Light

Natural light is gorgeous in a living space. However, if your windows are dirty, the quality of light they’re letting in will be diminished. Keeping windows clean is a simple yet significant fix for lackluster light.

Additionally, you shouldn’t fall for bulbs advertised as “daylight,” unless you’re illuminating a utilitarian area, such as a laundry room or garage. Instead, use “warm white” bulbs. Interior designers also encourage switching over to LEDs. Not only are they more energy-efficient, but they also create more inviting light.

6. Upgrade Outdated Fixtures

If you’ve been making do with unsightly or outdated fixtures, it’s time to surround yourself with lighting you love. This will not only make your home look better, but you’ll feel better in it – which makes it an investment well worth the price tag.

One rule of thumb? For a cohesive and harmonious space, stick with similar colors and material finishes when selecting lighting.

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