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How to Install Outdoor Wall Lights

Outdoor wall lights have the power to transform the look and feel of your home’s exterior spaces. Not only do they present an attractive and welcoming appearance to the outside world, but they also promote safety and security by guiding the way in the dark.

Wondering how to install outdoor wall lights? Let’s take a closer look at four simple steps.

1. Decide Where to Place Your Fixtures

Before shopping for outdoor wall lights, it’s first important to consider their placement. For most homes, outdoor wall lighting fixtures are ideal for the front door and surrounding entry space. In these areas, experts recommend placing wall lights at approximate eye-level – between 66 and 72 inches above the floor. You should also consider your space when choosing a size for your fixtures. One rule of thumb calls for outdoor wall lighting to measure between ⅓ and ¼ of the height of the door.

Exterior wall lights are also an effective way to illuminate garages for both convenience and safety. The same ⅓ to ¼ rule applies, but in relation to the garage door height. Depending on the layout of your garage, several different lighting configurations are possible. For example, you could install a single side lantern, two single lanterns on either side of the garage, or three wall lights across the entire space. Lighting can also be placed directly over the garage door – just take caution to make sure the lights don’t interfere with its movement.

Lastly, outdoor wall fixtures are also excellent for lighting outdoor entertainment spaces like dining areas, decks, patios, and pools. Stick with the ⅓ to ¼ rule using the nearest door to your home for comparison. The number of lights you need and where you choose to place them will depend on the space’s setup. For larger areas, multiple lights might be necessary, while smaller spaces may call for a single fixture near an accent point.

2. Find Lighting You Love

Your next task is to consider the type of outdoor wall lighting that best suits your needs and design aesthetic. After all, you’ll see these fixtures every time you enter and leave your home. In addition to agreeing with your personal taste, outdoor wall lights should also complement your home’s architectural features. For example, if your home’s trim is dark, choosing dark lighting is an easy way to achieve balance. Outdoor light fixtures can also be coordinated with existing features, outdoor furniture, and other accessories.

3. Install Your Fixtures

If you’re handy, installing exterior wall lights might be within your realm of expertise. This task involves cutting an opening in the wall, fitting a cable box, and actually installing the light fixture. However, if you’re not comfortable with any of those steps, it’s best to enlist the help of an experienced electrician. By hiring a professional, you can ensure that the job gets done quickly and correctly.

4. Enjoy the Atmosphere of Your Outdoor Spaces

Once you’ve determined where to place your exterior wall lights, selected which fixtures you want, and installed them, there’s only one thing left to do: Revel in the fruits of your labor. Not only will your home benefit from enhanced curb appeal, but you can also look forward to feeling safer and more secure with each coming and going.

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