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Minka-Aire Buyers Guide

We’re not just about lighting here at Fashion Light Center – we also specialize in another element with transformative potential when introduced to your living space: ceiling fans. As with all of the interior and exterior lighting products we sell, we are committed to offering our customers only the best quality ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor use. This is why we’re delighted to partner with one of our favorite high-end fan manufacturers: Minka-Aire.

Here’s a closer look at this extraordinary company and its beautiful and functional ceiling fans and accessories:

About Minka-Aire

Minka-Aire is part of the Minka Group, a global leader in the decorative lighting space. Quality, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship are hallmarks of the Minka Group family. These elements can be seen across all of its brands, including George Kovacs, Metropolitan, and Minka Lavery. Operating on two continents, the Minka Group is known for its expertise with materials ranging from cast aluminum, solid brass, and wrought iron to wood and resin. The company also boasts an extensive product line comprising lighting, mirrors, wall art, and decorative accessories.

Minka-Aire extends the Minka Group’s footprint to include various interior and exterior ceiling fans suitable for today’s diverse lifestyles. Whether you’re looking for timeless transitional styles or modern ceiling fans, you’ll find it in Fashion Light Center’s selection of Minka-Aire products.

Minka-Aire Ceiling Fan Options

One of the most noteworthy things about Minka-Aire’s fan collection is the breadth and depth of options available at a variety of price points. From sleek, chic contemporary styles to classic, traditional designs, there’s truly something for everyone.

Minka-Aire’s smart interior and exterior fans, LED light fans, and indoor/outdoor fans help keep rooms comfortable while simultaneously enhancing your environment. But thanks to the company’s commitment to ingenious design, a Minka-Aire fan is much more than a mere fan; it’s also a stylish addition to any room.

The Minka-Aire Difference

One glance at a Minka-Aire fan reveals the beauty of these room-cooling fixtures. However, Minka-Aire indoor and outdoor fans aren’t popular just because of their appearance. The brand’s dedication to innovation means it’s always introducing new designs and pushing the boundaries of technology. For example, fans that integrate with smartphones and apps can help you keep your living space exactly as you like it – and from any location with just a tap or click.

Another differentiating factor of Minka-Aire? The company's eagerness to ensure customer satisfaction with a lifetime warranty on fan motors. Additionally, easy control options, including radio control, are the ultimate in user-friendliness. Other benefits of Minka-Aire ceiling fans include increased energy efficiency, room warming, and the integration of lighting for those looking for an all-in-one solution.

The takeaway? When you choose a Minka-Aire product, you’re not just getting an interior ceiling fan or exterior LED fan that will help make your home more comfortable and inviting. You’ll also enjoy all the benefits (and peace of mind) of partnering with a company that truly stands behind its products.

How to Find and Choose a Minka-Aire Fan

If you’re in the market for a new ceiling fan for an interior or exterior space, you’re sure to find the perfect offering from Minka-Aire. Which begs the question: How do you choose? Several factors go into buying a ceiling fan.

The first is assessing your needs. If you’re looking to circulate air in a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, entryway, or bath, an indoor ceiling fan (also known as a “dry-rated fan”) is an ideal solution. Meanwhile, Minka-Aire’s large indoor ceiling fans of 60 inches or more are excellent choices for great rooms.

Conversely, if you’re looking to introduce the benefits of a ceiling fan to a covered outdoor area such as a porch, deck, or veranda, an outdoor ceiling fan (also known as a “wet-rated fan”) is the appropriate choice. Constructed with weather-resistant materials, outdoor ceiling fans will hold up to snow, rain, humidity, and other elements that might cause warping, rusting, or further damage.

Looking for a fan for a covered outdoor area that gets damp but never comes into direct contact with water? Be sure to check out Minka-Aire's indoor/outdoor ceiling fans, which offer a “best of both worlds” solution. Other factors to consider when shopping for a fan include mount type, lighting features, controls, hardware, and accessories. 

Lastly, don’t forget the size. Ceiling fans are available in a range of dimensions. While the scale of a ceiling fan can directly impact the look of your space, getting the right size fan is also a critical consideration. A fan that’s too large may overwhelm a space, while a fan that’s too small will have to work extra hard to cool a room, which can shorten its lifespan.

Enhance Your Home with a Fan from Minka-Aire

At Fashion Light Center, one of the premier light stores in CT, we know that shopping for a ceiling fan has many considerations – all of which can be overwhelming. That’s why our sales team is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process of identifying your needs and the Minka-Aire fan that will best fulfill them.

Whether you’re looking for a Minka-Aire fan for a particular location or you’re just starting to think about how adding a fan might enrich the way you live in your home, we are here to help.

To find the perfect Minka-Aire fan or another interior or exterior light fixture from one of the many leading lighting industry brands we carry, contact Fashion Light Center today.

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