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Regina Andrew Lighting Buyers Guide

Lighting has transformational potential when integrated into any interior design scheme. However, not all lighting is created equal. At Fashion Light Center, we’re proud to carry light fixtures from many of the industry’s leading brands. We’ve created this blog series to help shoppers get familiar with these extraordinary high-end lighting companies.

Recently, we featured New Hampshire’s Northeast Lantern Lighting in our comprehensive Northeast Lantern Lighting Buyers Guide. Next up? Lighting from the inimitable Regina Andrew. 

Here’s a closer look at this outstanding home décor and lighting brand, its distinctive products, and where to find them:

About Regina Andrew Lighting

Regina Andrew Detroit was born of the vision of real-life couple Carla Regina and James “Jimi” Andrew. The company’s foundational premise? “Everything we do should electrify the room.” In Regina Andrew’s early days, Carla and James sourced materials from architectural salvage and abandoned buildings to hand-make unique home furnishings in their garage.

“Honestly, we dove into this business with little experience in the industry. Looking back, this made the road extremely difficult but at the same time led to our success. We didn’t know the rules, so we made up our own and worked hard every day to push through the difficulties,” says James of the brand’s origins. While Regina Andrew has grown and evolved over the past two decades to become a lighting industry luminary, that original ingenuity remains present in everything the company does.

Designed and manufactured in “the Paris of the Midwest” (also known as Detroit, Michigan), Regina Andrew’s products intriguingly meld functionality with a “hearty dose of rock ‘n’ roll.” A hallmark of the brand is its brilliant use of natural materials. Alabaster, crystal, and marvel are timeless yet on-trend, while mirrored and brass finishes speak to the company’s signature glamour and glitz. The brand is also well-known for its modern coastal vibe. Whatever your design aesthetic, if you're searching for statement-making lighting, look no further than Regina Andrew.

Regina Andrew Lighting Styles

Regina Andrew’s first-ever product was a designer dog house created for a charity event. Today, the company’s extensive line includes furniture, décor, jewelry, fashion, and, of course, lighting. Ceiling lighting has the potential to be a focal point in any space, and the brand’s chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts are made to play starring roles. Simply put: Every Regina Andrew chandelier and Regina Andrew pendant is guaranteed to dazzle and delight. The Regina Andrew Design is simply unparalleled.

The same can be said of Regina Andrew light fixtures for walls and surfaces, including sconces, picture lights, table lamps, mini lamps, and floor lamps. A pair of Regina Andrew wall sconces have the potential to transform an ordinary wall into a design feature. Meanwhile, Regina Andrew table lamps and decorative floor lamps provide vital accent lighting and serve as design elements in and of themselves.

The Regina Andrew Design Difference

Today’s consumers have many options when it comes to lighting. Which begs the question: Why select Regina Andrew for your home lighting needs? For starters, each product is a labor of love characterized by artistic vision, cutting-edge innovation, obsessive attention to detail, and high-quality craftsmanship.

If sustainability is a priority for you, Regina Andrew shines here, too. The company embraces award-winning sustainability practices, including 100 percent solar-powered corporate offices and warehouses and giving new life and purpose to reclaimed and recycled objects.

Good lighting provides critical illumination – remarkable lighting goes much further than that to make an unforgettable impact by speaking to a homeowner’s individuality and taste. When it comes to lighting that’s truly unexpected yet makes perfect sense in your space, Regina Andrew’s globally inspired and phenomenally chic products set the standard.

How To Find and Choose the Best Regina Andrew Lighting

Now that we’ve covered the many reasons to include Regina Andrew light fixtures in your interior design project, you may be wondering about your next steps. The best lighting purchases are informed and intentional. This means that they’re dictated by several considerations, including your individual needs, wants, design preferences, and the space itself. 

Are you looking for a single table lamp or floor lamp for an unilluminated area of your home? Or, are you assembling a comprehensive lighting plan for a room or home remodeling process? The more thoroughly you hone in on these various factors, the better prepared you’ll be to hit the ground running while shopping.

That being said, it’s okay to have a limited idea of what you’re looking for in lighting. In this case, seeking inspiration and interior lighting ideas can help you better understand what you like and what’s available.

Enhance Your Home with Lighting from Regina Andrew

Good lighting isn’t just about promoting visibility; it has the potential to create a desired aesthetic – and to leave a lasting impression in doing so. Regina Andrew lighting fixtures will illuminate your living space in more ways than one. If you’re ready to transform your home through the addition of lighting from Regina Andrew, the Fashion Light Center team is eager to answer your questions, offer ideas, and provide any other assistance.

As one of the leading lighting stores in CT, Fashion Light Center is proud to partner with Regina Andrew and other industry leaders to offer our customers the most exquisite fixtures for home interiors and exteriors. Contact us today to shop Regina Andrew, Northeast Lantern, Hinkley, Genie House, Robert Abbey, and more!

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