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Elevate Your Environment with Rustic Style Hinkley Lights

A mention of the word “rustic” may bring to mind thoughts of a remote cabin deep in the woods. While log cabins are the most well-known reference to rustic design, the term encompasses many design styles that fulfill a few basic requirements. Furthermore, rustic home decor is also extremely versatile — meaning it has the potential to complement and enhance a variety of interiors beyond those that are explicitly “rustic” in style.

While there are many ways to embrace rustic design — from the color palette to furniture — one especially intriguing element can imbue the chic charm of rusting design into your living space. Rustic lighting. In addition to illuminating your home, rustic lighting can turn a dark or “heavy” space into a warm and inviting one.

Here, we’ll take a closer look at the rustic design and its many benefits. Then, we’ll highlight some extraordinary rustic lighting fixtures from Hinkley’s elegant Rustic collection.

What is Rustic Design?

Rustic design is characterized by all things natural and organic. Exposed beams, hardwood floors, and other real wood elements; raw materials; a neutral color palette; natural textiles and patterns; warm metallic finishes like iron, copper, brass, and pewter; imperfect lines and silhouettes; and earthy decor pieces are a few of the qualities for which rustic style is known.

The antithesis of contemporary design, rustic decor is rugged, relaxed, and approachable. It both honors and reflects the beauty of the outside world. Additionally, since its focus is on the inherent beauty of natural materials, rustic design rejects fanciness and fuss. Rather, rustic pieces are often remarkably simple.

The Benefits of Rustic Design and Lighting

Wondering whether the rustic design style is right for you? Read on for a roundup of a few reasons to incorporate the principles of rustic style into your decorating scheme.

It’s warm and welcoming

Rustic design is known for its warm and welcoming aesthetic. Homeowners who embrace this style are embracing the philosophy that homes should be naturally inviting and comfortable. While the concept of an iron or steel light fixture may seem austere, these natural materials integrate beautifully with their surroundings for a seamless and cozy feel.

It’s timeless

While modern design trends may come and go, nature never goes out of style — and neither does rustic design. Rustic lighting and other decors will remain relevant even as your home and design style evolve. When you select a rustic chandelier, pendant, or other fixture for your home, you can do so with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ll love it as much in five (or 50!) years as you do today.

It plays well with others

Not sure rustic design elements will coordinate with your home’s style? Here’s another area where rustic design shines. In addition to the farmhouse, Tuscan, and coastal design styles which are a natural fit for a rustic approach, the rustic design also plays well with contemporary design. The takeaway? While straightforward rustic spaces will steer clear of bright colors, slick finishes, and other hallmarks of modern design, these elements can peacefully coexist.

For example, incorporating a rustic chandelier into a modern kitchen can alter the feel of the space by radiating warmth while adding a rustic lantern pendant to the corner of a traditional living room can create a cozy nook thereby transforming your living room lighting scheme.

It’s varied and versatile

From more linear styles to circular designs, many different types and styles of home decor and lighting fall under the heading of “rustic.” This means you’re sure to find something you love. Perhaps your taste leans toward a particular finish, shape, or silhouette? You’ll have many rustic options to choose from.

Gorgeous Rustic Lighting from Hinkley

Boasting a 100-year legacy as a leading lighting brand, Hinkley is known for its exceptional light fixtures fusing innovation, mindfulness, high-quality materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. All of these qualities are exemplified by its collection of rustic chandeliers, hanging rustic lanterns, rustic outdoor lighting, modern rustic lights, and other rustic lighting fixtures.

While rustic lighting is often thought of within the context of kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms, warm lighting fixtures in the rustic style are also beautiful additions to foyers, bathrooms, and beyond. Take Hinkley’s Sawyer Bath Four Light Wall Sconce. Available in two dramatic finishes (Aged Zinc finish with Distressed Black accents or Sequoia finish with Iron Rust accents) and featuring clear seedy glass, this unique rustic farmhouse lighting fixture is a subtle statement-maker.

As the outdoor living trend continues to grow, incorporating rustic lighting into your exterior design can help create a seamless flow from the indoors-out while simultaneously helping create warm and livable spaces where people want to gather. Hinkley’s Sawyer Collection includes outdoor pieces including wall sconces, chandeliers, and linear suspension lights.

Looking to inject some whimsy into your space? Hinkley’s oversized Stag Six Light Wall Sconce in either clean Chalk White or bold Black is a playful nod to the traditional lodge decor aesthetic and looks equally at home in a modern interior as it does in a more conventional rustic environment.

Discover Rustic Lighting and More at FLC

Whether you’re decorating a rustic-style home or looking to warm up a different style space with rustic lighting, Fashion Light Center can help. In addition to rustic lighting from Hinkley, we offer an extensive selection of indoor and outdoor lighting from the world’s leading lighting brands.

Or maybe you’re drawn to rustic-style lighting, but you’re not sure how to incorporate it into your space? FLC can help there, too. Toward the goal of helping homeowners enjoy more functional, comfortable, and beautiful living spaces, we offer professional lighting consultation services designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for — even if you’re not sure what that is quite yet. Our showroom in Greenwich, CT is also an excellent destination for sourcing ideas and inspiration.

To discover the beauty of Hinkley’s Rustic Collection and other lighting offerings from Hinkley, Robert Abbey, Hudson Valley, Genie House, Fourteenth Colony, Hubbardton Forge, Arnsberg, Regina Andrew, Northeast Lantern, Brass Traditions, and many other high-end lighting brands, shop Fashion Light Center today.

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