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Alora Lighting Buyers Guide


Looking to enhance your living environment with better lighting? The journey starts with understanding your functional and aesthetic needs and goals. If timeless style, next-level luxury, and enduring artisanry are on your list, look no further than Alora Lighting.

At Fashion Light Center, we take great pride in offering our valued clients access to lighting from the world’s premier lighting brands. Alora more than earns its place among them. Exceptional quality, impeccable design, and consummate craftsmanship are a few of the characteristics that make Alora one of today’s preeminent lighting industry leaders.

Here’s a closer look at Alora Lighting, along with how to find the perfect Alora linear lighting, modern pendant lighting, and other Alora lighting for sale to bring to life your vision for a more beautiful and comfortable home.

About Alora Lighting

First, there was Kuzco Lighting. Founded in 2006, this award-winning family company quickly garnered a reputation for cutting-edge design, technological innovation, and accessibility for all. Then came Alora.

Born in 2019 as Kuzco’s sister company, Alora Lighting builds on Kuzco’s legacy with premier lighting collections that fuse classical inspiration with modern designs, extraordinary materials, and showstopping finishes. Celebrated for its refined chandeliers, pendants, and sconces, Alora offers an extensive selection of elegant lighting for entryways, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and beyond.

In addition to providing essential ambient, task, and accent lighting, Alora light fixtures strike the rare balance between serving their environments and standing as works of art in and of themselves.

Alora Lighting Styles

Beautiful light fixtures don’t just integrate with their surroundings; they elevate them. Every Alora lighting pendant, chandelier, and the sconce is designed to complement and complete its environment while simultaneously providing exquisite illumination.

From the unique Alora Lighting Valise Wall Sconce and its inspiration of vintage luxury luggage combined with modern touches like a metal base and LED lighting to the oh-so-dramatic Alora Lighting Revolve Light Chandelier in finishes like Natural Brass, Polished Nickel, and Urban Bronze, all Alora lighting is distinctive – whether demure or downright dazzling.

Other popular Alora Lighting collections include Alora Lighting Kensington, Alora Lighting Flute, Alora Lighting Tagliatom, Alora Lighting Peabody, Alora Lighting Parducci, Alora Lighting Necto, and many others.

Additionally, Alora Lighting is always pushing the boundaries of its offerings through collaborations with new and exciting guest designers. This means there’s always something new and exciting to discover in FLC’s selection of Alora mood lighting and much more.

The Alora Lighting Difference

Like its sister company Kuzco, Alora lighting draws from a variety of international influences. Combined with its commitment to classic design, contemporary technology, and striking finishes including everything from Brushed Brass and Polished Chrome to Cognac Leather and Gold Foil, the end result is a breadth and depth of modern lighting designs and styles.

Another hallmark of Alora is its brilliant design team – from the in-house staff at its New York Studio to guest designers like Charles Pavarini III. Each designer brings a fresh perspective and visionary approach to creating truly mindful and original lighting for how we live today.

How To Find and Choose The Best Alora Lighting

Now that we’ve addressed why Alora Lighting is so exceptional, you may be wondering how to hone in on exactly which Alora light fixtures will complete your home’s lighting plan. While pulling together the perfect lighting plan can feel complicated, it doesn’t have to be – especially when you know what you need and lead with what you love.

However, at Fashion Light Center, we also recognize that the process can seem overwhelming, which is why the FLC team is here to help. Whether you’ve got a specific lighting question or you’re just looking for advice on where to begin the process of improving your home with high-quality lighting, our friendly and experienced team members are eager to offer gentle guidance aimed not at selling you lighting, but helping you achieve your personal goals for your home with lighting from Alora or one of our other leading lighting brands.

Enhance Your Home with Lighting from Alora

Alora Lighting isn’t just one of the newest entrants on the contemporary lighting scene; it’s also one of the most exhilarating. If you’re looking to transform your home with truly transformational lighting, we can think of no better way to do so than with a chandelier, scone, pendant, or another interior lighting from Alora at Fashion Light Center.

As one of Connecticut’s best light stores, it’s our pleasure and privilege to partner with lighting brands like Alora Lighting to help you discover for yourself the joy of high-quality lighting. This is one of the reasons we’ve started this buyer’s guide blog series. You can use it to enrich your understanding of your options, and you can look forward to the same degree of attention and service throughout your entire FLC experience.

To learn more about Alora Lighting or for another concern about our products and services, contact the Fashion Light Center team today.