Hubbardton Forge Finish Options

These hand crafted lanterns are made in the Vermont, United States. Hubbardton Forge's exclusive metal finishing processes are an integral part of their designs. All Hubbardton Forge products are finished by powder coating which is heated and cured for a durable surface that is much stronger bond than a typical paint.


Opaque Finishes

Opaque finishes showcase the texture and character of the steel, created during handcrafting.



Natural Iron

Natural Iron

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Vintage Platinum

Soft Gold


Modern Brass

Coastal Outdoor Finishes 

Formulated to resist harsh environmental conditions. Extensively tested in our salt spray chamber where it’s subjected to 100% humidity and salinity nearly 50% greater than average sea water.

Coastal Black

Coastal Natural Iron

Coastal Oil Rubbed Bronze

Coastal Bronze

Coastal Dark Smoke

Coastal Dark Smoke

Coastal Burnished Steel

Coastal Burnished Steel

Translucent Finishes

These Translucent Finishes show off the character and texture of the metal beneath. The finishing process utilizes the methods that will bring out he beauty of the materials.

Note: Variations in finish appearances are a normal and desired result of the process, rendering each piece an individual and unique work of art.


Dark Smoke