Fourteenth Colony Finish Options

All Fourteenth Colony's fixtures are made of solid brass and copper. Because most of their exterior fixtures are unlacquered, with the exception of CV and RT, the finishes will start to oxidize once exposed to the weather. Both brass and copper finishes will darken, but copper will tend to verde more so than brass. This process is accelerated by the acidity of rain, other air pollution, the exposure to UV light and salt air, just to name a few. All finishes are hand applied therefore variation will occur. 


  • RWB and RWC do not have a coding over the finish and therefore will darken.
  • AB, AC, and ORB are oil-rubbed finishes. The Oil Protects the finish during shipping. Once oil evaporates, the finish will start to darken. To Prolong the finish, rub the fixture periodically with light-weight motor oil.
  • DAB and DAC do not have a coating over the finish. The metal is darkened to a dark charcoal color. Over time the color will deepen. 
  • ACV does not have a coating over the finish. The copper metal is darkened and spots of Verde are applied. Over time the color will deepen.
  • CV and Rust have a light coding of lacquer applied. The metal is darkened to a charcoal color and then a chemical wash is applied. The CV looks like a green wash and the Rust looks like a wash of browns, yellows, and golds. 


    Raw Brass (RWB)

    Antique Brass (AB)

    Oil Rubbed Brass (ORB)

    Raw Copper (RWC)

    Antique Copper (AC)


     Blackened Brass (DAB)

    Blackened Copper (DAC)

    Antique Copper Verde (ACV)

    Copper Verde (CV)

    Rust (RT)