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ICON 24 X 36 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger

ICON 24 X 36 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger

by Krugg


This lighted bathroom mirror is a true Icon of sleek, aesthetic style and sophistication. The highest quality silver-backed glass provides you with a clear, crisp and flawless reflection. Truly functional art, this LED Backlit Mirror provides task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for your cosmetic, hygiene and dressing needs. Experience true luxury with our unique built-in defogger mechanism that maintains a fog-free mirror every time. This Icon’s 24 x 36 dimensions make it an ideal subtle accent for single, double or dual vanities. Whether you install it vertically or horizontally, it offers the flexibility to make your bathroom design uniquely exceptional.

Eco-Friendly + Environmentally Responsible

  • LED light source creates bright, energy-efficient illumination
  • Our long-lasting LED provides a lifetime of use (50,000 Hours)
  • Convenient features like the defogger and dimmer save time and energy
  • We hold ourselves to high environmental standards and use only eco-friendly packing materials
  • Our biodegradable soft foam also offers better protection than the Styrofoam used by our competitors

The Defogger: What Every Mirror Should Do

  • A safe, innovative heating-coil pad behind the Icon bathroom mirror keeps it free of condensation
  • The Icon bathroom mirror doesn’t have to be wiped off, so you don’t leave behind any streaks or swirls
  • The glass remains effortlessly clear and flawless

E-Z ON/OFF Sensor Dimmer & Cool Natural Light

  • Conveniently placed On/Off touch dimmer allows easy control of light levels to get that “just right” ambiance, mood and function
  • When you dim a light, you save up to 98% of energy
  • The LED light temperature is 6000 Kelvins, as bright as daylight—considered best for bathroom use
  • With a desirable 90 CRI (Color Rendering Index) for great contrast between colors, it’s excellent for shaving and makeup application.
  • This cool light temperature is used by makeup artists to ensure they create the most natural, flattering look for their clients, and offers the same benefit in your own home


    - Dimmable LED Task lighting
    - Integrated touch sensor control with memory
    - Energy efficient LED lighting 6000K
    - 3720 Lumens, 50.6 Watts, 120V
    - CRI 90+
    - Integrated Defogger
    - Can be mounted vertical or horizontal

    - 24" Wide X 36" High

    - Quality polished edge mirror
    - Single phase wire installation, silver backed, copper free
    - Construction for surface mounting
    - Includes installation hardware

    Lead Time: If item is in stock the general lead time is 1-2 weeks. Lead times and stock availability is subject to change.

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