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ICON 72 X 30 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger
ICON 72 X 30 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger
ICON 72 X 30 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger
ICON 72 X 30 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger

ICON 72 X 30 LED Rectangular Mirror with Defogger

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This lighted bathroom mirror is a true Icon of sleek, aesthetic style and sophistication. The highest quality silver-backed glass provides you with a clear, crisp and flawless reflection. Truly functional art, this LED Backlit Mirror provides task-specific dimmable daylight illumination for your cosmetic, hygiene and dressing needs. Experience true luxury with our unique built-in defogger mechanism that maintains a fog free mirror every time. This Icon's 72 x 30 dimensions make it an ideal focal point. Whether it hangs over a double vanity or dressing table, graces a large single vanity in your master bath, or provides a stunning wall to wall application in your powder room, you can rest assured that this mirror will be the highlight of your design.

Environmentally Responsible

  • LED light source creates bright, energy-efficient illumination
  • Our long-lasting LED provides a lifetime of use (50,000 hours)
  • Convenient features like the defogger and dimmer save time and energy

  The Defogger: What Every Mirror Should Do

  • A safe, innovative heating-coil pad behind the Icon bathroom mirror keeps it free of condensation
  • The Icon bathroom mirror doesn't have to be wiped off, so you don't leave behind any streaks or swirls
  • The glass remains effortlessly clear and flawless

With its Defogging Feature, The Icon LED Mirror Gives You The Luxury And Functionality Your Bathroom Deserves.

  • A Safe, Innovative Defogger Pad Behind The Mirror Keeps It free From Condensation.
  • The Mirror Does Not Have To Be Wiped Off, You Won't Leave Behind Any Streaks Or Swirls.
  • A Mirror That Is Always Clear Even After a Steamy Shower , Wont Waste Your Time
  • The Backlit Vanity Mirror With Defogger, Means Your Hygiene And Dress Will Be Impeccable.

  E-Z ON/OFF Sensor Dimmer & Cool Natural Light

  • Conveniently placed On/Off touch dimmer allows easy control of light levels to get that “just right” ambiance, mood and function
  • When you dim a light, you save up to 98% of energy
  • The LED light temperature is 6000 Kelvins, as bright as daylight—considered best for bathroom use

Conveniently Placed On/Off Touch Dimmer

  • Allows Easy Control Of Light Levels To Get That Just Right Ambiance, Mood And Function
  • When you dim a light, you save up to 98 percent in energy

LED Light Color is 6000 Kelvins or Daylight,

  • Considered Best For Bathroom Use,
  • Excellent For Shaving & Makeup Application - As It Provides Great Contrast BetweenColors.Consider that make-up artists use cool light temperatures to ensure they are not creating an unnatural look for their clients. This, too, should be your aim.

    - Dimmable LED Task lighting
    -  Integrated touch sensor control with memory
    -  Energy efficient LED lighting 6000K
    -  6380 Lumens, 74.8 Watts, 120V
    -  CRI 90+
    -  Integrated Defogger
    -  Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

    -  72" Wide X 30" High, Square

    -  Quality polished edge mirror
    -  Single phase wire installation, silver backed, copper free
    -  Construction for surface mounting
    -  Includes installation hardware

    Lead Time:  If item is in stock the general lead time is 1-2 weeks.  Lead times and stock availability is subject to change.

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